About Audacious Art

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Welcome to Audacious Art, a fine art business based in the idyllic county of Shropshire.

The Spring of 2020 was a significant and unforgettable time for everybody. But for an aspiring artist like myself, it also marked the exciting beginning of my lifelong ambition: to launch Audacious Art and share my creativity with others.

I have always been creative and artistic from an early age, and I studied Fine Art with Art History at Shrewsbury College. After getting married and raising a family, I have been able to pick up my brushes and focus on my art once more.

To regain my confidence and to learn new techniques I became a member of Artshack, a fantastic community creative space near Shrewsbury. That was it! I was in an artist's paradise and felt like I had come home!

During the pandemic, and with a significant milestone birthday on the horizon, I took the leap and created Audacious Art. I was over the moon the day my Audacious Art Facebook page went live, as I sold my first three original pieces!

Since then, I have produced a wide variety of original pieces of fine art in many different mediums including batik.

Greetings cards printed from some of my original artworks have proved to be very popular, selling in a variety of outlets including The Daberhashery. I have also had the exciting opportunity recently to exhibit my work in my hometown.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do whilst creating it!

Audrey Whyle

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