Late August

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Where does the time go? Here I am writing my blog for August on the 1st of September! Apart from having a lovely holiday in a very hot and sunny Spain (and getting stung by jellyfish!), my only excuse for this late entry is that I have been working my socks off on a big project that has stemmed from just one small design.
I have spent the summer on an exciting journey developing a simplified image of magnolias into a variety of pieces of artwork using many techniques and mediums.
Everything from batik on paper, screen printing on fabric and card to cyanotypes and machine embroidery. Thank you to Maggie from Artshack for guiding me through some of the processes and having the patience of a Saint!

You can see a sneaky peek of a section of some of these designs in the photographs – the complete designs will be available on this website shortly.

I got thinking recently that I don't do enough pencil drawing. I firmly believe it is a great thing to practice as it teaches you important observational skills – to see and not just to look. As a result I am very happy with what I have achieved ........ keep your eyes peeled on the website, I hope you will agree with me.

That's all for now, speak to you again soon during September!


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