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audacious art launch photo

Welcome to my first blog! Things are really busy at the moment. Not only am I going live with my new Audacious Art website, I presently have three art projects on the go! One is short term (when I say short term, I have less than a week in order to complete a painting for the Wellington Festival Art Exhibition which runs from 6-8th May 2022!) I'm hoping that visitors to the exhibition will vote for my painting in the festival competition, or even better than that maybe somebody will like it enough to buy!

I have also decided I don't do enough basic drawing, so to exercise my observational skills I am drawing one of the cheetahs my daughter looked after whilst volunteering at a rehabilitation reserve in South Africa. Definitely not an easy one to do, but it is making me look at how tone can describe the natural shape and form of the animal. Trying to get the expression in the cheetah's eyes is very difficult.

As a much longer-term project, I am developing a design that I have recently been working on at Artshack. I love the shape of Magnolia flowers, and was inspired by some I photographed at work. Using the technique of batik on handmade paper, I produced a piece that I felt would lend itself beautifully to a textile screen print.

Tomorrow, my next delivery of fine art greetings cards is due, which is always exciting for me. I feel proud seeing my work reproduced on cards that people will be sending to others they care about, for a variety of reasons and occasions.

I look forward to catching up with you soon when I can tell you how I got on at the festival exhibition, and how the cheetah and magnolias are getting on.


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